Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Three More Races!

I am a total addict.  I'm addicted to races.  I'm not a fast runner, but I love the rush of a race, the people, and especially the friends whom I get to run with.  A few days ago, I decided to sign up for 3 more races.

1)  Glow for Hope 10K - I'm excited about this one because it's a NIGHT race and lots of glow-in-the-dark possibilities to add to my running outfit.  I'm most excited about running this with lots of friends - my 2 running buddies from my last 10K, my Ragnar Relay teammates, and a couple of Mom's Club friends.  We're just as excited about the Beer Garden at the finish line and the craziness that can happen when you combine post-race euphoria, beer, and friends!!

2) Sunrise Stampede 5K - It's their inaugural race.  I love small town races.  Even though I almost always end up at the back of the pack, I love that it's not crowded and you can't beat the $15- registration fee too!  Running this one with the hubs.  We won't be running together - he's way too fast for me - but it's always fun to start together and to get that big hug from him at the finish line!

3)  Marine Corps Marathon 10K - On the other end of the spectrum is this huge race.  Nope, NOT the full marathon (YET).  I decided to run the MCM 10K because I NEEDED an October race that is not too close to my Ragnar Relay race.  I have no idea how long I would need to recover from Ragnar so I have this one set at the end of October.  Oh and I also like that you get a medal for running a 10K race too. Hee hee.  I'm a little nervous about this race being a week away from my 5K race and 2 weeks away from my first half marathon!  But I think I'll be ok.  I'm going to treat this one as one of my long runs and just have fun.  I haven't found a friend to do this race with me yet.  Hoping my friend Nikki does it with me.

Are you just as addicted to races as me?  How often do you have a race?  Every month, every other month?


  1. I'm far from being a fast runner, but I do love races! I love just being out there with people, chatting, and doing something active!

    Oh, and hey! I plan on doing MCM 10k too! Thanks for the reminder to register. :)

  2. Hi Jamie! What's your 10K pace? My last one was 11-min/mile. Not to sound too stalker-ish, but it would be so much fun if we can have a little blogging runners meet-up pre-race or right at the start line! What do you think? :)

  3. Hi Marie! Not stalkerish AT ALL!
    I recently ran the National Half Marathon relay - 5 miles @ 53 minutes and the Santa Barbara Half Marathon relay just under 6 miles @ 68 minutes. I'd say my average pace is usually around 10:40's to 11:40's (hills) depending on the course. I saw this race is flat so that is a bonus! Ha! It would be great to do a little meet-up. :)


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