Friday, April 27, 2012

When Carbs Are My Friends

I LOVE the day before a long run.  It's when I get to indulge on my favorite food group without guilt:  carbs.  Mmm...carrrbbbsss.  I am currently chowing down on shell pasta with tomato sauce - comfort fooood.

I have 5 miles of trails to do tomorrow - MY FIRST TRAIL RUN!  I know!  I've been running since 2009, and I am just now getting out there on the trail.  I've been intimidated by them, I guess, and with 5 friends peer pressuring me to go, it is so hard to say no.  Five miles isn't much to carbo-load for, but I heard it's a very challenging, very hilly trail run, so I don't care, I'm carbing up just in case it's all I've got on me to survive.

Have you run on trails before?  Any tips?  I'm really excited and a little anxious.  I just hope I'm not so slow that I get left behind because I have no sense of direction whatsoever, and I'll cry if I get lost!  LOL!  Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!  Happy "long run" running to you all!


  1. Enjoy the carbs and have fun on the trails. I haven't run many but be careful how you step. Things get pretty uneven. And watch out for roots. :)

  2. I have run trails and try to do it once in a while for a change. Where we live most trail runs are straight up, turn around and straight just need to go slow and easy and really watch where you step, especially on the way down. Our trails are rocky. Sometimes I feel like it's as much mental training as physical because I am trying to look ahead a bit to figure out where to step. I just started "barefoot" running...not really barefoot but in very thin shoes. I blogged about it today. :)

  3. I'm just getting into trail running- there are many things I love about it! Mostly I love how "interactive" your mind has to be with the trail in order not to fall flat on your butt. And the scenery almost always beats the sides of buildings or streets and the smell of nature greatly trumps car exhaust and air pollution. One thing that has helped me tremendously on the trails is making sure to shorten my stride. That way you have more control if you step on a root/rock/whatever and can catch yourself. But mostly, make sure you enjoy yourself because trail running isn't (usually) about time.

    I'm curious to know how it went =)

  4. I must confess.....I am with you on not hitting the trails yet. They make me nervous. I need to bite the bullet and hit them!


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