Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Motivation: Live Fearlessly


On days when I just don't feel like running for whatever reason, I know I need to just go out there and do it because at the end of my run, I always feel good or better.  Running helps me let go of all of the above:  fat days, regret, guilt, frustrations, loneliness, self doubt....and I didn't know it until now, but running helps keep me centered.  When you're centered, you get that feeling that all is good in the world, nothing is impossible, and that in turn radiates to everything we do, to everyone we come in contact with.

I just finished the last few pages of Anita Moorjani's Dying To Be Me, a memoir about her journey from trying so hard to meet everybody's expectations, to fighting cancer, to near death, and finally to her true healing.  What does her book got to do with running?  To me, everything!  Her book validated why I need to run, why I run and why I need to keep running.  Anita wrote about being aware of your "magnificence" as a way of healing and freeing yourself - not just from illness - but from those same things I listed above - fear, regret, guilt, frustrations.  To do that, you must find your true self.  To me, part of my true self is to run which in turn helps keep me centered.  She shared her views on living life, how religion fits into it, and her inspirational near death experience.  It's amazing.  Her book in some way, connected all the dots in my life:  my mom passing away from lung cancer, discovering running, my art, discovering yoga, and the people I've met along the way that led me to those dots and to where I am now.  I am overwhelmed by how everything and everyone is connected and by Anita's revelations.

Go check out her book.  It's eye-opening and very inspirational.


  1. Its amazing how one person's life experience can be so inspiring to so many. Love your motivational Mondays!

  2. On days i work I don't run and thinking about my next run helps me get through the physical and mental demands of my job. Running for mental health....oh yes :)


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