Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Pre-Run, Post-Run, & Strength Workouts

Who doesn't want to become a better and stronger runner?  If you're like me and can't afford that gym membership just yet, I found these workouts online that you can do at home.  I picked these workouts to do before and after my runs and for my cross training days.  I like to vary my workouts to prevent boredom.  These workouts are also great for days when I have sick kids at home, when my free exercise classes are cancelled due to sick instructor, etc, and definitely for the upcoming summer days when all 3 boys are home.  I'm usually horrible at following exercise videos on my own, but exercises like these for injury prevention is enough motivation for me to turn on my laptop and follow along.  Check them out and enjoy!

1)  YOGA for Runners with Fiji McAlpine


This is something I need to get up super early for on my run days. 


I usually don't have any time to do anything else after my weekday runs, so I wait until after lunch to do them.  Still a great way to stretch out those tight post-run muscles!

2)  Post-Run General Strength Exercises with Coach Jay Johnson 

This is just Part 1 of 5 exercises.  Go to the Running Times Article for more info and links to the other routines.  I love doing these exercises immediately after a run and then follow these up with the post-run yoga above. 

Running Times: Part 1 from CoachJayJohnson on Vimeo.

3)  IronStrength Workout with Dr. Jordan Metzl 

This is Part 1 of 5 series of exercises.  Great workout for injury prevention.  Go to this Runner's World article to see the other series of exercises.


  1. I seriously need to get better at stretching.

    1. Same here, Bari..I'm horrible at stretching.


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