Friday, April 22, 2011

Race Recap: The Jellybean Virtual 5K Race

My first Virtual 5K race!  Thanks to Jess from Run With Jess, I had something to look forward to - to shake up my half-marathon/Ragnar training.  I am becoming more aware of the need to have a race every month.  ACK!

Here's me before my 5K, in my spankin' new Cheetah Pool RunningSkirt.

Excuse the fuzzy/muddy  mirror image.

I took a close up pic to show off my Jellybean Virtual Race Bib, and felt really dumb when I realized that you can't quite make out text that well on a mirror image.  DUH!

Man, I really NEED to clean that mirror.
 There, that's better!  LOL!

I set out on my run on a very cloudy day.  I kept hoping it wouldn't rain.  Right when I was about to start, it started to sprinkle.  Grrrr.  I walked home feeling a bit disappointed that my race was about to be rained-out.  The hubs was like, "It's only a sprinkle!  Here.  Take your hat and just go out there."  I was more concerned about my cell phone getting wet, actually.  I had my cell phone in an armband.  Not so sure if the armband was waterproof, but I didn't want my phone wet! 

Thanks to the hubs, I went out there anyway, wore my zip up dri-fit long sleeve over my armband.  It was a pain in the butt taking my long sleeve off to turn on RunKeeper on my cell, but I was on my way.  FINALLY!

The 1.5 mile was great.  Despite the sprinkle, I was feeling good and got into my groove.  Then it started to rain a little bit harder and I started to  My cell phone!  my cell phone!  I dared not take my long sleeve off but I was dying!  Tried to focus on just running.  At mile 2.5, I felt a little better, going downhill and desperately trying to catch a breeze.  I was thinking I had done 3.1 miles when I slowed down to check mileage and lo and behold I was only at Mile 2.89!  ACK!  And to make matters worse, I accidentally pressed "stop" and RunKeeper announced, "Activity stopped.  Activity completed...workout summary..."  Wait!!! WAIT!!!  I'm NOT DONE!  I was jogging a little at this point as I desperately started RunKeeper again to get that last 0.21 miles in. ARGH.  But then at this point, I was going uphill and man was it tough!!! 

So there you have it my first virtual race.  It sucked, I felt gross and just didn't feel it at the end there, but I did it.  I finished!  And that is all that matters!  Woot!

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