Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Things I MUST Do Before the Weekend

My Three Things Thursday this week is a little boring, but it's what's on the brain.  Actually there's more than three things I need to do want to do, but here's the top three.

Laundry.  It never goes away at my house - not even for a minute.  The hubs has a race this Sunday, and we need to wash a big load of our running/exercise clothes.  Very grateful that the hubs does his share of it whether it's washing them, folding them or putting them away.  It's still something I never look forward to every week.  It's the bane of my existence.  Ugh!

Purging Forgotten/Old/Useless Toys.  We have 20 remote control cars and trucks like the one pictured above.  Really?  For 3 boys?  Time to purge!  I'm excited about doing this task, actually.  We have a community yard sale coming up at the end of May and I'm hoping to get rid of old toys then.  It can get pretty touchy feely with the boys when it comes to getting rid of old toys, but they come around and get inspired after I tell them they can keep the money they earn from selling their old toys.  Of course, after requiring them to save 10% of their "earnings," this usually means they can bring newer useless toys!  Ah, the irony!  What a vicious cycle we weave!

Catching up on my blog and everyone else's blog happenings.  I'm still playing catch up since the beginning of April!  I have half written blog posts waiting for me to finish, and I have blogger friends' blogs I want to read.  What's slowing me down is my Ukrop's Monument Av. 10K Race Recap Part 3.  I have to get over that hump to move on.  But this is one of my favorite tasks I do every week.  If I could blog all day I would!

So there you have it, my Three Things Thursday for the week.  Nothing exciting, nothing inspiring, it's what's consuming me lately. 

Can't wait to read your TTT!


  1. I hope you could do this before the weekend starts! Good luck!...Daniel

  2. Thanks, Daniel! I hope so too! :)


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