Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MCM Training: Week 3 - Some Run Days Are Just Lousy

Someone out there has had one of these runs before, right?

First off, life here has finally slowed down enough that I have more time to blog about my training, yay! Second, I'm going to blog backwards on a lot things here, so please bear with me.

So last night's run started out with, "I don't feel like running, I feel like crap," but from experience, I know that once I get out there, get the blood flowing, I will feel better.

Nope. Did not happen last night. I set out to do 5 miles. The cramps started at Mile 1.87 so I slowed down to walk it off, even splashed water on my face from a lawn sprinkler. My first thought was oh man, the joys of PMS. I basically had to run/walk/run until Mile 3. It was awful. I almost called The Hubs to come pick me up.

Nope, I decided, I'm going to get my miles in, no matter what, so I headed closer to home. By Mile 3 I felt better. YAY! I made up for my slower pace and I felt like flying. I passed the road towards my neighborhood and went a little further down the road. I thought, I'll loop back to home and get my 5 in.

I was feeling good until WHAM! I had to walk around Mile 4.03. Crap. Like literally I needed to crap. But I was a mile away from home and no woods to disappear to. I couldn't remember which house a friend lives. I did another run/walk/run thing, focusing hard on just making it down the street, trying to relax, thinking, "this is good practice for when I have to wait for a Porta Potty during a race, right?"

With just 0.30 miles left, I had to surrender to a full walk. Too much bouncing around in there when I run. I had to focus hard on staying relaxed and walking steady. When I quicken my pace, I start to freak out and lose control. Lol.

Sorry for the TMI post today, but I did make it just in time. Lol.

Has this happened to anyone else during a training run or a race? What did you do?


  1. I have definitely had runs while training where I felt horrible and just had to put one foot in front of the other and get it over with. I have stomach issues AFTER long runs, not during but I know lots of people who have had (ahem) major issues while running. The advise given to both during and after gastrointestinal distress by a marathon winner we know what to take L-Glutamine 2-3 times a day while training and then take a Peppermint Gel tablet before running. They seemed to work for me. The other thing I changed was the carbo loading with wheat. Wheat is not easy to digest and can cause some problems...even though we've all been taught to eat a huge plate of pasta before runs! Try wheat free carbs and see if that helps.

    1. Thanks, Rita! Did not know about L-Glutamine and peppermint gel tablets! I will try that. I've never had issues during either, just after long runs too. I'm just glad it wasn't during a race! Thanks for the recommendations! :)

  2. So many gluten free options out, in even normal grocery stores now, make cutting out wheat carbs easy. I occasionally have intestinal problems but it is typically only when I have to start out super early to beat the heat.

    Great training updates Marie!

  3. I have had the overwhelming 'crap' urge too. I can keep that under control, so far. I do need to remember to carry something soft and disposable to well you know, just in case I can't keep it all in. There are runs where when I am done I am breaking into the house, damning my hubb for locking the door when he is in there and I have no KEY and am frantically ringing the doorbell! The PMS/period thing, I find I run slower and worse before it, and the week after I feel pretty darn good. Being a girl is generally fun, except for those couple days a month...


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