Friday, January 21, 2011

Facing the Numbers. The Truth. The Ugly Truth

Facing the numbers wasn't so bad and scary.  I finally got Sarah Binette of Imagine You Fit to help me design a fitness plan for me.  Sarah leads a group of stay-at-home moms every Monday morning through an exercise circuit.  According to my husband who sampled a typical circuit, "I have a lot of respect for your workout.  This is not a 'chick workout'.  This workout kicks ass."  Sarah delivers and kicks our ass every Monday.  It's a good kind of sore that you feel afterwards, especially when you miss just 1 class.  I am grateful every Monday for her and the moms I workout with.  Humor and sarcasm help us through that 1 hour workout.

Anyways, about facing MY numbers, as in my measurements.  I've been avoiding it only because I am amazed at how much weight I put on after not running for 2 months.  I get all doughy.  Not very motivating.  So while Sarah started measuring my waist, hips, even pinching me here and there, I thought, well, I HAVE to start somewhere, right?

I was relieved to find out I am average and I have the good kind of fat - the good kind of fat that's soft (sounds gross, huh?) because soft fat is easier and faster to get rid of than the hard beer belly kind of fat.  That's good to know.

Sarah was very professional and thorough, asking me about my exercise habits, health history, and goals.  I am excited about my goal of being a stronger runner, with a stronger core, and ok, having a bikini-ready body by summer wouldn't hurt either.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, I highly recommend Sarah as a personal trainer.  If you are not in my area, Sarah also offers email support for your fitness goals.  You have to check her website out for details.  Oh and I'm not getting paid to say this.  Just helping out a friend whom I highly recommend!

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