Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopping for Running Shoes

 All the talk about Ragnar DC Relay Race got me itching to run.  Like NOW.  I am also way due to get new running shoes anyway, since my old pair were almost 2 years old!  Yikes!  So off I went to The Running Store today to do some shopping.  What I love about this store is that they will analyze your gait while you run on their treadmill.  Their treadmill is hooked up to a camera that records your gait as you run.  From the gait analysis, they will be able to tell you whether you are a pronator, a neutral runner, or an under-pronator.  It is an awesome service that they provide.

So I asked to have my gait re-analyzed since I have been having this pain on the right side of my right thigh.  They also analyzed the wear pattern of my old pair of running shoes too.  Their analysis?  I have majorly messed up feet.  While my left foot remained neutral (like last time), my right foot is now slightly pronating and also supinating.  Is that even possible?  The wear pattern on my old shoes show lot of wearing on the outside (sign of supination).  The camera analysis showed a slight pronation on my right foot.  I did not know that your gait could change like that.

The store recommended Stability Shoes.  I was shown 3 models that apparently were best for my condition, best for slightly pronating runners:  Saucony Pro-Grid Guide 3, New Balance 860, and Nike Lunarglides.

I can't help but be drawn to the look of a shoe.  I grabbed the Nike Lunarglides first.  I think it's because they're not white.  They're not your typical running shoe.  I love the darker color shoes.  Anyways, I know that's a big no-no in running shoe shopping:  don't get drawn in by the way it looks, go by how it feels.  Sigh.  And sure enough I was devastated to hear that the Lunarglides do not come in wide widths.  Dang wide feet of mine.

So I grabbed the Saucony's.  My old pair were the Saucony Pro-Grid Ride 2 and wearing them is like walking in slippers.  Very comfy and cushioned.  But the store did not have it in my size, and they promised they would order one for me.  The New Balance shoes felt a little stiffer to me.  Not sure, but it wasn't so much that I wouldn't consider it.  Not a good first impression, no doubt, but I will consider it with the Saucony's.

Leaving the store without a new pair of shoes was frustrating.  It only drove the fact that I can't run yet.  Sigh.  In a week, hopefully, in a week!  Can you tell I am a wee bit antsy about getting out there again?!

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