Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Left Side of the Brain is Calling

Been itching to get back to drawing regularly again.  I've been doing quick and dirty drawings on my sketchbook while waiting in the car at the school's Kiss N Ride long line of cars so I can pick them up early for their after-school activities.  I started doing this in the beginning of March out of boredom while my 3 year old napped in the back.  I drew whatever was in front of me, no matter how boring it was - a tree, a house, the SUV in front of me.  Like running, I needed to stretch my drawing hand and get used to it again, but by the time I got started, it all came back to me, and I was starting to have some fun.

I started to go to the Kiss N Ride line early so I can draw longer than 15 minutes.  Like running, drawing relaxes me.

So with drawing and art actively back in my life came these 2 juried art shows that I just could not get out of my mind.  One is at The Soundry called "Embodiment," a figure art show which I am really excited about!  I have an older piece that I want to submit along with a newer piece that I want to create.  The other juried show is at the Greater Reston Arts Center, and the theme is "BITE: Identity and Humor."  I am not so sure about making the deadline for BITE, but I am intrigued by the challenge of how to use humor in dealing with race and identity. We will see how this part of my journey goes.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

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