Friday, March 25, 2011

Walk This Way

Walked 4 glorious miles today with one of my best running buddies, Nikki!  It took a lot of energy to get me and my 3 year old out of the house, and it took a whole lot of mental toughness to keep me from doing a little jog.  (Must be good so I can heal.  Must be good). 

I tried to focus on tightening my core while I walked.  My right leg was feeling a little sore again but not so much that I couldn't walk.  Thankfully, 2 miles into the walk, my leg felt better, no pain!  YAY!

It was a great day for the walk.  The muscles on my legs and lower back felt looser as I relaxed and enjoyed my chat with Nikki.  I am so grateful for a friend who took time off from her running so that she can hang out and walk with me.

The 4 miles went by quickly.  We felt refreshed and not to mention we got our toddlers to take their much needed nap in our jogging strollers too! 

Thank you so much again, Nikki!  You're the best!

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