Friday, March 18, 2011

Physical Therapy

I've been having good and bad days of running.  On those bad days, the ITB on my right leg acts up, and I start wishing for a new leg.  Not to mention how I threw my back out (again) last week.  My lower back feels better, just sore, but feels very very delicate.

I finally got an appointment with a Physical Therapist today to put an end to this.  Why I never thought to do this earlier escapes me.  Are we runners that stubborn to seek medical attention and too quick to self-diagnose and self-treat?  Or perhaps it's just me. 

Today was my first day of physical therapy.  I was diagnosed with SI Joint Dysfunction which is the root cause of my ITBS on my right leg.  It amazes me still how all the pain I am feeling here and there are all related/connected.  I was a bit relieved to learn too that my injury is not caused by running.  My injury was from a bad fall I had months ago going down the stairs.  It took a fall on my right butt to cause the misalignment on my pelvis.  Yikes!  Running exacerbated the SI joint and caused the inflammation I've been feeling on my lower back and right thigh.  Geez, right?

While I am relieved to know what is causing all this frustrating pain and that something can be done about it, I wasn't exactly thrilled about the timing of rehabilitation.  I got the "No Running for 1 Week" from my PT, which stunned me to say the least, because I have my first 10K race in 2 weeks, AND I'm suppose to run 5.5 miles tomorrow! 

After digesting the situation and silently throwing a tantrum in my head and in my heart, I figured I cannot risk prolonging my injury and treatment.  Sigh.  The grown-up, rational side of me took over.  I became grateful that it's only 1 week of no running, and not longer. 

So lessons learned again - if you are in pain, even if it's just a little bit of pain, go to your doctor ASAP before it gets worse or in my case, well before your race!  No fun to be sidelined before a race, but it's better for the long run (so I tell myself over and over again).

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