Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Run Since.....January!!!!!

I took my Nike Air Pegasus for a run today!  My first run since January!  Very easy 3 miler to get started back up again.  It was a great morning, slightly warmer, and boy has my body forgotten to run for a bit there!  I rolled my ITB, stretched, and warmed up, and I couldn't believe my body was tiring at mile 1!  Yikes!  I slowed way down and ended up having to walk twice during my second mile.  But I managed to finish 3 miles despite my disappointment at starting all over again (it seems).

And the shoes?  They felt ok.  I didn't feel like my feet were in heaven, so just ok.  Not so sure about them.  My ITB was aching though, so that kinda dampened my first run.  Sigh.  Hopefully the next run will be better!

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