Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Ran Like A Mother today!

After 2 not-so-great runs, I've been determined to just keep moving to get my fitness level back to where it used to be.  So today I had to get creative.  With my oldest home from school because of a virus and a scheduled training run, I was bumming out in the beginning until my bookend boys (first and third babies) asked to go outside to play.  As I watched them ride their bikes around and around the culdesac, I thought, "Hmmm....running laps?  Oh!  I can run laps!"  So I dashed intside to get my running shoes, measured the lap around the culdesac (1/10th of a mile!) and started running!  You'd think I had won Boston if you saw me with all smiles running around and around and around while watching the boys play.

After the 12th lap, it got really boring.  How in the world do track runners do it?  I didn't get dizzy, I just got bored.  In the end, it was better than no run at all.  I am excited at my discovery today, and proud to run like a mother!

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