Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Putting Cancer On the Run!

When I signed up for Ukrop's Monument Av 10K race in Richmond, I couldn't help but think about taking on the Massey Cancer Center fundraising challenge.  When my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, Massey was one of the centers we contacted about getting treatment for her.  Unfortunately, my mom was too weak to make the two hour car ride to Richmond so we decided it was best for her to seek treatment near home.

Massey had been very helpful and supportive up to that point.  I was impressed with how they formed a team of lung cancer specialists for my mom.  I knew that I couldn't run this race without making it more than just conquering my first 10K race.  I kept thinking of mom.  I had to help.

Within hours of sharing my fundraising challenge on Facebook, friends donated money and surpassed my first goal of $100-!  I was humbled and touched by my friends' generosity.  Each friend made a donation in honor or in memory of someone they knew who is/was touched by cancer.  Sadly, I came to know that three friends also lost a parent to lung cancer.

I hope to figure out a way to carry these names with me to the finish line.  Their fight will not be in vain!  If you wish to donate in memory or in honor of someone you know with cancer, you can do so on my fundraising page.  Thank you!

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