Friday, February 11, 2011

ITBS and Weak Hips

The outside of my right thigh is STILL bothering me.  STILL sore.  I roll it and it feels a little better, but then it comes back the next day.  I just want it to be better so I can start running again, now that I have a 10K race in my future.  There are days when I want to saw my leg off and throw it away.  Desperate, I limped over to Run Like A Mother: The Book's Facebook page and vented my frustrations.

Within minutes I got many comments from moms who feel my pain, offering many suggestions on how to iron out my IT band.  One mom in particular, offered this advice, "There is some evidence that weak hips contribute to itbs. Maybe you can feel like you are working towards your race if you do hip strengthening exercises while you wait."  If I could give her a big hug if I could.  I plunged into researching ITBS and weak hips and many sources concur - weak hips lead to ITBS.  I'm going to try these exercises out religiously if I can help it.

Thank you, RLAM community!  You saved me again!

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