Friday, February 11, 2011

Shoe Envy

The hubs got his shoes today.  So envious I got a little depressed.  Felt like the kid sister who had to watch her big sis open the birthday present that she wanted too.  I couldn't help feeling that way, but I was happy for the hubs too at the same time.  He was just as anxious to get back to running.

The hubs had been researching running shoes lately and was very entranced by barefoot running and minimalist running shoes.  I couldn't help but be intrigued as well, especially after I read the part about "less injuries" associated with minimalist shoes.  So the hubs took a chance and got Nike Free Run+ shoes and totally fell in love with them.  "You should get these shoes too," he said.

The shoes look cool - very stylish black, but I was so hung up over traditional running shoes and plus, I'm a slight pronator and supinator on my right (???) and my left is neutral.  I SHOULD get slight stability shoes for my condition.  The hubs was doubtful.  So this evening, he took some time to analyze my old pair of shoes and read stuff online about shoes.

"I think you are still a neutral shoe person, not a stability shoe person.  The wearing on the side of your shoes is due to the fact that you wore them down to death.  You're a supinator.  Neutral shoes."  We looked at my options online, read reviews, and it just got me more annoyed than ever.  So many options.  So dizzy.  Who knew running shoe shopping could be so difficult and frustrating?

I just want shoes!

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