Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 1 With Saucony Hattori

 Do you like my new pair of pink running shoes?  I decided on this color for fun and, being in an all-boy house, I needed to have something pink and girly.

I love getting new running gear.  I bought a pair of these Saucony Hattori's back in January when the Running Warehouse had a huge sale.  For $30-, I could not resist.  I've wanted to explore and try minimalist running shoes and after running in Saucony Kinvaras for 7 months now (and loving it),  the Hattori's were a natural progression for me, and the timing price-wise could not have been more perfect.  So I'm going from a 4mm heel to toe lift (Kinvaras) to now 0mm (Hattori's).

I thought this would be a great time to start getting used to running in these Hattori's because I'm currently coaching a Couch-to-5k running group 3x a week.  We are on Week 4, Day 1 of the C25k plan, and the jog/ walk ratio is the perfect pace for me to slide into these shoes gradually.  My goal is to run the 5k race in March in these shoes.  I won't be going at race pace, since I'll be cheering my running group at their pace, but I'm hoping it would be a safe intro to running races in them.  I can't wait!

Why am I trying the Hattori's?  I'm so tired of getting injured!!  Currently I have PF (plantar fasciitis).  Again.  It's frustrating especially when you have a 14k race this weekend.  Argh.  Reading Christopher McDougall's Born To Run definitely pushed me into this direction to try minimalist shoes.  So I'm willing to try these out especially if it would mean less (or no) injuries!  I'm going to stick with my Kinvaras for the longer/faster runs, and use these Hattori's only for my C25k runs for now.  So excited!

I had to use the Shoe Fitr over at the Running Warehouse to figure out my size.  I wear a Size 7.5 in the Kinvaras and according to the Shoe Fitr, I'm an 8.5 in Hattori's so they run small.  I really like the fit.  It fits like a sock.  It's not constricting or tight at all, and I have wide feet.  They're meant to be worn without socks which I was a bit nervous about because I blister easily, but there are no seams inside the shoe.  So far so good.  In my first run today in them, they felt comfortable.  It felt like I was running in slippers!  

Do you wear minimalist running shoes?  Which ones and how do you like them?  Or are you interested in trying out these type of shoes?  

(Note:  I bought these Hattori's and was not compensated in any way to blog about them.  Thoughts about them are my own only).

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