Sunday, February 5, 2012

Madge Did Not Disappoint



Who's watching the Superbowl?  No, wait, what game...?  I mean who saw that short Madonna concert?  Yes, she's 54.  I can just picture her daughter, Lourdes, cringing at home, watching through her fingers.  There is no cringing here.  I think she's da bomb...even at 54.  She knows how to throw an awesome performance.  She did not disappoint this girl.  She made me want to dig out my old Vogue CD.  Not totally sold on that cheerleader part and her new song, but nostalgia won me over.  It was definitely one of the best half time shows since Prince.  Can't wait to see her in concert.  Go, Madge!

What did you think of Madonna's half-time show? 

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