Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Trains, Too Much Pink, And Another Race!

Today's post is late because I was busy building this with Little Man....

We have trains coming out of our ears in our house.  Tired of playing with Thomas the Tank Engine Trains?  Oh well let's just excavate the Geotrax trains from the basement and play with MORE trains!  The Hubs is going to flip and literally trip over all the trains that are out all over our floor right now.

Please do not look too closely at my unshaven leg!

This morning, I dragged my very sore self to my friend's exercise class.  I was sore from her Monday workout class and running 7 miles (2 miles for C25K coaching and 5 miles on my own) yesterday did not help to work off the lactic acid soaking up my body.  Today's class actually made me feel 200% better.  I was in this crazy endorphin high half-way through her class.  I was like, "ok, what else can we do?  More burpees?  SURE!  YEAH, ALRIGHT!!". I was so over-the-top-slap-happy I'm sure I pissed off the other moms who couldn't wait for the workout to end.  But I LOVE those kinds of workouts!  Awesome fuel for the rest of the day!  

When it came to cool-down on our mats, I got the "wow, how color coordinated you are" remarks from all the other moms.  I looked down at my mat and my shirt and man did I reek pink!  Like I threw up Pepto-Bismol-all-over-myself pink!  It was a much brighter pink on pink than the photo shows above.  Little Man even noticed, remarking, "Mommy, it's like you're camouflaged." 

So in-between connecting train tracks and making lunch for Little Man, I learned that the Rock N Roll Marathon series was offering a great Leap Day deal, $29- off registration fee with the promo code, LEAP.  It was a deal I couldn't refuse!  I needed a tune up race for Marine Corps Marathon, and the Dodge Rock 'N Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon fit the bill. 

I'm VERY EXCITED because that means I get one of these babies after September!

Oh and Happy Leap Day!  Did you do anything special on this Leap Day?  Anyone else sign up for another race?  Which one?

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