Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Ready To Run For Sherry

All right, Virginia Is For Lovers 14K, I'm ready as I'll ever be!  Getting my gear together today.  So thankful that my PF is gone (knock on wood), my boys are FINALLY feeling better, and I feel very well rested!

Never mind that my last run was a week ago, I've done zero workouts since Monday, and I've been eating very badly.....I'm ready and pumped to run 14K with The Hubs tomorrow, because suddenly the race is not only about being blissfully in love, running for love, running for each other, and running together for us,,,,the race is also for Sherry Arnold.

Sherry was a mom, a wife, a daughter, a teacher, and a runner who went out early one morning in January for her long run and never came back.  Two men were arrested after someone tipped the FBI Tip Line.  Apparently, one of the men confessed to killing Sherry.  Her body has yet to be found.  Her small community in Montana is in shock over this heinous crime, and saddened by the loss of a wonderfully giving and very loved human being.

Within the running community, what happened to Sherry hit too close to home and touched our hearts.  So many of us could not help but think that could have been any of our mother runner friends or anyone who loves to run.  All around the world, runners will unite tomorrow in support of Sherry's family and run this  virtual race for her.

Yes, we will move mountains with each step we make and run our hearts out for her.  I will keep Sherry in my thoughts as I run my race tomorrow, and I hope you will join us in this movement of healing.

Are you running a race or organizing a run tomorrow with friends for Sherry?


  1. I dedicated a mile to Sherry yesterday. I didn't know her, but I wanted her to be with me as I ran through Richmond. She and I went down part of Monument Ave together admiring brick houses and wrought iron walls. I tried to savor that mile...

    1. Hi, Ginny! That is wonderful...So great to hear you had a great run through Monument Ave. I think it's just great how so many runners thought of her during their run/race this past weekend. There is nothing like running, no matter the distance, to heal the bear pain for someone (Sherry and Sherry's family), because somehow through running, you help leave the pain of loss behind with each mile and you help them feel stronger at the finish. <3.


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