Monday, February 20, 2012

Embracing The Turtle That Is Me

When I first started running back in 2009, I ran a 13-14 minute mile.  Now THAT's a turtle pace.  On my first 5K race, my pace improved a little bit, and I ran an 11:59 min. pace, finishing at 37:15!  As I ran more, my pace improved, a little bit each time:

1st 5K Race - March 2009
Scope It Out 5K

1st 5K race March 2009:  37:15 (11:59 min/mile)
2nd 5K race May 2009: not timed, ran pushing a jogging stroller, kicking myself for not getting it timed
3rd 5K race Nov. 2009:  37:03 (11:55 min./mile)

After a year long hiatus from running races....

4th 5K race Nov. 2010:  31:49 (10:14 min./mile)!!!

It's not super fast, I know, but holy cow, it felt HUGE!  I've wanted to run a sub 11 min./mile pace and I DID IT.

And then...

5th 5K race June 2011:  ran with friend at her pace (her 1st 5K!)
6th 5K race Aug. 2011:  31:25 (10:06 min./mile)
7th 5K race Oct. 2011:  28:27 (9:09 min./mile)

3rd 5K Race - Nov. 2009
Race for Breath 5K
That was my last 5K race as of today, and my PR!

How fast or slow a runner is is all relative.  I know that a 9:09 min./mile pace is still not fast compared to so many of my readers' 5K pace, but my point in posting all my 5K times to date, is to show (and to remind myself) that in time, a turtle like me, CAN break out of the turtle shell and eventually become a little faster.  You just need to be patient.  This is something I am realizing I'm not good at....being patient.  I need to be patient so that I don't get injured again.

4th 5K Race - Nov. 2010
Race for Breath 5K

I needed to look back to my turtle roots because this past Saturday, on my 10-miler, I was sooooo sloooow.  I ran 10 miles at an 11:59 min./mile pace.  Granted, there were a few hills, and I was pushing against a strong headwind for 1 mile at the end AND at Miles 8 and 7, but man, did I feel like a turtle with a capital "T."  It felt so discouraging.....10 miles in almost 2 hours!

Digging up my 5K race times helped remind me that I will get faster some day on my longer runs, and that I have come a long way from my 14 min./mile pace.  It's been a struggle, but I'm happy to have re-discovered my happy long run pace, an 11 min./mile pace for distances over 5 miles.  I am learning to embrace the turtle that is me.  I just need to keep going, to keep running, to stay smart when training to avoid getting injured, and I need to be patient.

Are there any 10 min./mile +PLUS runners out there like me?

6th 5K Race - August 2011
Sunrise Stampede 5K

7th 5K Race - October 2011
Heritage Hunt 5K


  1. Wow, good for you! I am a "slow" runner also (averaging 10-11 min miles) and worked at trying to get faster for a while but I ended up injured. Now I am just happy to run injury free and don't worry to much about time. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Hi, Rita, thanks for stopping by! That is what happened to me - I got injured too when I tried to go a little faster. Thanks for that reminder, to not worry so much about time and just enjoy the run! Oh and I'm now following your blog! Great to see another mother runner who loves to draw/paint. You've inspired me. Thank you!

    2. Marie, I want you to know you were the first person who followed my blog who is not a friend or family memeber and I so appreaciate it!!! You are also an inspiration to me because I only started running a few years ago and I remember the excitement of each milestone and I am excited to get back to it now that I am (relatively) injury free.

    3.'re welcome! I'm loving your paintings! You have so much more courage than me. Not sure why I haven't drawn/painted a thing yet. You've inspired me to just do it. Thank you!

      YAY for getting back to running! Excited for you to be back! Looking forward to following your adventures in art and running! :)

  2. Um, I'm REALLY slow. I still walk/run but am getting faster and farther. ;) I think if you are moving, your good. I sometimes wish I was much faster but I'm giving myself the time to get there. One day....

    1. Hi, Sylvia, that is wonderful! Thanks so much for reminding me too, to give myself time. Yes, one day...happy running to you!

  3. I just started running 2 months ago. So I am still really slow. I have slowly increased my mileage and now I am trying to increase my speed a little bit at time. I have noticed that my recovery is quicker than it used to be. I would love to run a race sometime within the year. I love reading your blog it really encourages me. So keep posting!!

    1. Hi, Jamie! THank you thank you! Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following your blog and looking forward to following your adventure towards your first race! You can do it! Your first race will always be the one you'll never forget. Have fun and happy running! :)

  4. Great post! It takes time! (And speedwork!) Long runs are supposed to be slower, so don't fret about it. Just keep chipping away if you want to get faster. Such an awesome reminder to go back and look at your old times and see the improvement!

    1. Hi, Kerrie! Thanks for stopping by! I need to take lessons from you! I haven't done any speedwork, as I'm just so focus on not getting injured again and shooting for a new long distance goal. You're such an inspiration! Thanks again! :)


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