Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Running Streak: Day 4 - Is It The End, Already?

I'm staring out at our street and wondering if I could get in just 1 mile in today for my Streak.  The hubs is not home yet, it's almost 5pm and it's getting dark out.  This is when a "dreadmill" is looking really really really good right now.

I FINALLY got back to my exercise class this morning (oh, am I going to be sore tomorrow!) after 1 whole month of not going.  I had planned on sneaking off to the side to run my 1 mile around the perimeter of the gym, but I chickened out, thinking it would be rude to do my own thing all of a sudden in front of everybody.  This is not your ordinary gym with equipment like a dreadmill (oh, I wish!).  It's really just an indoor basketball court.  

I thought about parking my minivan in my driveway, windows cracked a little, engine on, to keep Dozer, my 4 y.o., warm, strapped in his carseat and plugged in front of the car TV screen, watching Tom & Jerry for the 146th time - while I sneak in my 1 mile, running 10 laps around my culdesac.  

But I didn't.

Go sign up for a gym membership already, you would say, right?  I know.  I should.  I'm so cheap.  I don't even like running on the dreadmill, and I have 2 awesome FREE exercise classes that I go to 2x out of the week where I can bring Dozer to play with the other moms' kids!  Exercise class and playdate all in one and free.  How can I say no to that?  

I think this means I NEED to buy a dreadmill for days like today (AHEM - wonder if the hubs is reading this).  Not that I would be streaking all year (though I have thought of it), but it makes sense.  It would be a great investment.  No excuses.

Hmm....Darn.  Should have asked Santa for a dreadmill.

Do you have a dreadmill treadmill?  Which one would you recommend?    


  1. Don't have one. Don't want one. It's not called a dreadmill for nothing! ;-D

  2. Haha! So true! :) What do you do when the weather is not cooperating? Do you still go out and run anyways?


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