Saturday, January 14, 2012

Studio Friday Part 2 and Olympic Marathon Trials

Not too happy with the way the runner turned out.  I wouldn't hard line her if I had to do this over again.

I didn't get to run through sunflowers this morning, but I did enjoy feeling that warm sun on my face.  It felt like 22 deg, but that warm sun was sure nice.  Did a 5K on a hilly route finishing at 32:09.  Sigh.  Feeling so out of shape, but hopeful I will get back to where I was pre-holidays in time for my half.

Speaking of running, who is following the live coverage of the Olympic Marathon Trials this morning?  Are you waiting until 3pm today to watch it on NBC? 

P.S.  I'm waiting until 3pm and trying to avoid reading the live coverage/updates on FB and Twitter.  It's so hard!  So, no spoilers, please!  Thanks!  :)


  1. I don't know, I think the hard lines add something to it. I would love to run through fields of sunflowers!!!

    1. Thanks, Jen! Great to get feedback! Me too! Wish there were fields of sunflowers around here! Thanks for stopping by! :D


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