Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Sandwich Type of Workout and A Wordy Wednesday Rant

A 3-mile run with a 30-minute workout in the middle was not enough to carry me through this day. I don't like to dwell too much on the not-so-great stuff here, so let's just say that this momma could use a long run to hit that refresh button. Patience. I need more patience with these 3 boys. If only long runs could come in a pill form so all I have to do is pop one in my mouth. Ok, end of rant.
Pre-frustrations, I had a GREAT run/workout today! My training schedule called for only 3 miles today. I was all set to just go and run after preschool drop-off when a friend asked if I was going to exercise class. This exercise class is a free class offered by a friend at her church.
Yes, you heard that right...FREE. No strings attached. A group of stay-at-home moms attend this class and we are allowed to bring our kids. So the only thing is that kids are free to roam, run, and crawl around the gym while the moms work out - plyometrics, ab workout, cardio, etc. It can be challenging sometimes to make sure you're not kicking a toddler in his/her face when you do kick-boxing, BUT it's a great class. The kids are great, there are toys for them to play with, and the gym is big enough that it never feels too crowded. My friend, who teaches it, is also a runner, so she knows what we need. I've been going for almost 3 years now, but had to stop once MCM training last year got really heavy.
Anyways, I decided to go since I only have 3 miles to do today, so I ran to class (0.6 miles), worked out for 30 minutes (lunges, squats, planks, cardio, plyometrics), left early so I can run the last 2.4 miles and got back home just in time to shower, dress, and pick up Little Man from preschool. It's crazy - I have just 2 hours - yup, 2 hours to run/exercise/shower while Little Man's in preschool. I can't complain, really...better than no "me time" at all, right?
So this run I did, I was really excited about because I got a negative split! I usually run by feel and never really look at pace or try to hit a specific pace range, but when I get back home to upload my run data, I'm happy when I see I got a negative split. I don't feel 100% back to my old self yet pre-sickness, but I ran it at a comfortably hard pace for me - 10 min/mile - which is a notch below my 5K race pace, but I was happy to get a good hard workout, a change of pace.
Daily Mile post with my splits HERE.
I'm sitting on the floor typing this and I have yet to do my timed plank. I did a whole set of planks in class, but I want a timed plank. Waiting for The Hubs and I'm growing tired. Thinking about running my 4 miles tomorrow easy or doing some fartleks along the way. Not sure.
Ok, time to plank.


Janathon Day 9

Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 25
Plank A Day: 2:42.3
Wall Sit: 1:38.9


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