Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Long Run of 2013.

Was it the raw garlic & honey concoction? The hits-the-spot Pho from yesterday? Or maybe it was all the clementines I've consumed all week? I felt better enough today to do my first long run of 2013! My training schedule for Shamrock Marathon called for 13.1 miles, but I stopped at 12 because my legs were screaming at me. I guess running 12 miles after being off for 2 weeks is a lot, especially when you end up on a hilly route.
You can find the nitty gritty details of my run HERE on Daily Mile. Feel free to "friend" me there!
During my run, I couldn't help but think of one of the best advice I've received about long distance running. "Be where your feet are." In other words, be in the mile you are in - don't think about how many miles you still have to go. So I did just that, enjoyed each mile I was in, grateful & happy to be back to running again, and next thing I knew, I was approaching Mile 12. If my legs weren't protesting as much, I would've pushed towards 13, but it was also getting cold and I didn't bring another layer to wear (NOTE to self: bring a long sleeve tech tee to wrap around waist).
Speaking of stopping 1 mile short of what I'm suppose to run today, I learned from my training for Marine Corps Marathon that I DON'T have to be so OCD about my miles and that I need to listen to my body and not beat myself up when I can't run the distance I'm suppose to run. I also learned to not be afraid of taking some time off to rest, to let my body heal. Better to train with a healthy body than with an injured one! I sure learned that the hard way at MCM.
Ice Bath!!!

Post-run, I knew my legs needed some stretching and I needed to get to an ice bath STAT. I drew a bath using just the cold water and slowly lowered myself, screaming because it sure felt like daggers on my feet & legs! Holy crap it's COLD!!!!!!

I believe in ice baths and sure enough my legs didn't feel like they're about to cramp up and the soreness went away.

Now if only my knees felt better (I've got ice on them now), I'd say it was a good run.

Day 5 of Janathon

Moon Joggers Mile Count To Date: 15

Plank A Day: 2:01:0


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