Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day Somewhat Sick Day

Going to see my doctor tomorrow, but I've been so tired lately. Like run over by a truck tired. I hope it's not the flu, but I don't have a fever. It's not fun feeling tired all day!

Little Man having a blast scooping snow

Today was a snow day, so the kids were home which meant no run for me, or so I thought. I discovered that 3 laps up and down and around my street is half a mile. So while watching the kids play, I did laps. I only got to 0.67 though, no thanks to the trash truck who left leaving tracks of black ice on the road. Ugh. So much for my 4 miler today! Nope, I do not have a treadmill and this is one of those days when I wish I had one.


The temps were in the teens. I couldn't last out there especially in running shoes, but the boys were loving it. "It's an after Christmas miracle, mom!" I do like it when it snows. We get to stay in after playing outside, have hot chocolate, and just be lazy and cozy in our warm house. Very grateful today.

Tank (8yo) making snow angels


Since I've been feeling so blah and low in energy, I did not try to make up for not running by getting on the bike trainer (which I thought about doing). I just decided to rest and hang out with my boys.

I forced myself to do my #plankaday and #wallsit challenges with The Hubs. Took a lot out of me. So I'm hoping this lack of energy is just from my meds and NOT the flu. I'm anxious to find out tomorrow. I cannot afford to get sick right now - not because of Shamrock Marathon training, but because I'm the captain of this ship and I've got boys depending on me.

Yes, ironic, but this is all I've got tonight.


Janathon Day 24

Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 76.67


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