Saturday, January 12, 2013

Running Goal

If I could run everyday, I would, and maybe I should. Everything IS better after a run. Today was another cloudy, dreary day, a bit warmer than yesterday and foggy. I decided to meet up with the local Moms Run This Town (MRTT) running group for my long run - to change things up a bit. I haven't run with others in a month, and while I cherish my solo runs, I was looking forward to meeting other mother runners.

The run was a lot of fun (Daily Mile details HERE), and the 10 miles went by quickly. When my right leg started bugging me a little, I knew we went out too fast in the beginning, and suddenly it became clear to me what my running goal is for this year: it's not to PR on the marathon distance or to become a Marathon Maniac. It's to stay injury-free. Sure, it would be nice to get a full marathon PR at Shamrock, but I don't want one if it means I'd be in pain for weeks or months after that. I can't afford NOT to run.

Training for MCM was not injury free


Not only do I NEED to run to help get through crazy weeks here at home, I NEED to run in order to stay away from blood pressure meds. Four years ago, before I became a runner, my doc declared that I have high blood pressure. It's genetic, he said - my dad has it, my sister has it, therefore I have it and I have to be on meds for the rest of my life. I wasn't overweight, I wasn't sedentary, I ate as healthy as I could, and I still have high blood pressure. Meds for the rest of my life. It's like there was nothing else I could do. I refused to accept my life sentence just like that.

Blood pressure during MCM training
So when I started training for MCM all summer last year, my doc was surprised to see my blood pressure so low with meds that he eventually had to take me off of the meds! I was thrilled to the moon to prove my doctor wrong!
But you know what though? After MCM, when running became a once a week thing rather than a 3x a week thing, my blood pressure started creeping up again. :( I was devastated. It totally confirmed that my condition was indeed genetic, and running more consistently helped it just enough to keep it at check.
My first thought was, I can't be training for a full marathon for the rest of my life! Or can I? Sure, why not, right? So that is why I am signed up for Shamrock Marathon in March and for Richmond Marathon in November. Now if I can just remain injury-free.
That is why I run now. To stay off of the meds. That is why staying injury-free is so important to me.

So I stretch more, I roll more, I ice more, I do my rehab routines more, and I am more aware of any aches here and there, no matter how little. If I can help it, I will stay injury-free.
Meet my foam roller, Foamie Jr.


What are your running goals for this year? How do you stay injury-free? I'd love to hear some tips!


Janathon Day 12

Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 39



  1. I keep getting injured. I hate it because I get so angry and upset about it. I hate resting especially when I've got a race coming up. Injury messed up my first marathon attempt so I'm going for attempt number two in April.

    But, I definitely learnt a lot of lessons last year when it comes to injury.

    Be sensible is one of them. I know I need rest days so I always make sure I get at least two a week. I've also started cross training to make sure I'm using other muscles and giving my running muscles a break.

    I'm definitely being over-cautious now. I'm icing, foam rolling and stretching more often but I guess that can only be a good thing, right?!

    1. Aimee, thanks for stopping by! You sound like me! How many times a week do you run? Which training plan are you following? Sounds like you have a good plan to stay injury free and yes, that is a good thing - stretching, rolling, icing as much as you can and when you definitely feel you need it. It's so easy to skip them because after a long run you just want to get through the day. Best wishes to you and in your training! Here's to an injury-free marathon #2 for us!

  2. Bummed you won't be running MCM again! I use massage, stretching, yoga, and TRX to help remain injury free. Also letting my chronic injuries heal a little before ramping up the mileage after MCM helped. Marathon #2 is in a week. It won't be a PR it will be fun and I won't be going into it with injuries!!! I have to wonder just how much of my injuries were aggravated by the stress pre MCM...

    1. Beth, it's my husband's turn to run MCM this year. I'm on kid-duty! :) When do you the yoga/TRX? On cross training days or after your run? You'll do great on your next full! WOW, in a week!! How exciting!! Didn't realize it was that close! Yay for no injuries! I'll be thinking of you! :)


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