Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Run Days and Some Math Love

No Run Days. Rest days to me are just "no run days." Today was a "no run" day. I REALLY wanted to get on my bike, but then realized I hadn't set up my bike computer thingy that I got from Christmas that tells you distance, pace, time, etc. I had zero time to figure out how to set it up so I just opted to do Coach Jay Johnson's Myrtl Routine.
If you're not familiar with the Myrtle Routine, it's this strengthening exercise routine that works out your hip girdle area and gives you a wide range of motion in that area. The routine is great for those with tight hip flexors, like me, and recently, I heard it's great for those who suffer ITBS. Instead of doing 5 reps, I did 25-30, because this momma clearly has no time to do anything else and all I had on this crazy busy day was 30 minutes. I know, such is my life most days.
I did manage to squeeze in Plank A Day and Wall Sit Challenges, and a few yoga poses to stretch out some tight areas. I was hoping for more yoga today though, but will try another day. Planks on my hands/straight arms are not as easy as I thought. I couldn't hold it as long as the planks I do on my forearms.


Some Math Love. Ok, proud momma moment here. My preschooler, Little Man, has declared his love for math today. I'm not talking counting to 10. No. More like addition and subtraction problems - 3+3, 5-2. He totally gets it. Instead of doing his preschool homework of coloring these pages and practicing his scissor cutting skills, he would rather do addition and subtraction problems. The boy could not get enough of math problems. So I HAD to document this moment, so that when he decides to give me excuses for not wanting to do his math homework in high school, I can remind him about this moment of math love....


Janathon Day 8
Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 22
Plank A Day: 2:05.8
Wall Sit: 1:29.7


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