Saturday, January 19, 2013

Long Run, Long Day

Short post. Early 15-miler.  Ran 7 miles with new mother runner friends.  Daisy balloon finish line at Mile 7.  Running IS a gift.  And so are mother runner friends.

Ran the last 8 solo.  Glycogen-depleted and zapped at Mile 13.  It's when your legs disappear and all that is left is your heart and you just want to get it done.  When stopping is not an option.  Yes, I am addicted. 

Came home beat, low in sugar.  If only food can jump in my tummy. Starved. Desperate for sleep. Couch potato for 2 hours.

Renewed after 2 hours and after coffee.  Legs felt great, YAY!  Laundry. Mom's night out, mother runners, wine, race tales, lots of laughter, and a Yankee Swap. 

Happy to see home and The Hubs. 

Midnight #plankaday and #wallsit.  Tired and ready for bed.  Good night.  The end.


Janathon Day 19
Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 68

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