Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On Pace and Being Challenge Crazy

I did not want to go out there in the cold, blustery outdoors to do my 7 miler. I procrastinated long enough until I realized how little time I had to run, shower, and pick up Little Man (5yo) from half-day preschool. So I put on my thermal big girl panties (I don't really have thermal undies) and set out for my run.

Found a nickel and a penny!
The cold pierced through my nose and sure felt like ice picks poking at my head. I'm not 100% recovered from the nasty cold, but it sure felt somewhat refreshing to clear the sinuses.
I did the most boring thing ever - traced both sides of the sidewalk of my neighborhood. Amazing to know that there are at least 7 miles of sidewalk in my suburban 'hood. I didn't care about the boring. I didn't want to be too far away from home because I also realized that I didn't bring GU or water.
By Mile 2, I knew this run was going to be as slow as molasses so I gave in to the turtle within me. I didn't mind, because I knew I'd be at that fat-burning aerobic zone and with no GU to replenish glycogen, it was the perfect pace!
I started to think about pace a lot during this run. I'm not fast at all. I run by feel a lot. Some days I surprise myself that my pace was faster than I thought and then there are other days when I feel so sluggish I might as well walk. I remember when I first started running, I felt like I had to beat my personal best for whatever distance I was running every time I went out there to run. Gosh it was so stressful. There I was, on what's suppose to be a relaxing time away from my hectic life, and I was stressing! Not fun. So whether it's an interval training run or a tempo run, I just go out there and do it. No stress, no expectations. I just try to cover the miles. However, during a race, I do become mindful of my pace especially in the beginning so that I don't fall apart at the last half of the race.
My husband thinks I need to be a little bit more competitive with myself. I do when I want to, but for now, I'm so into the full marathon distance, that all I want to do is to keep running so my blood pressure remains normal and to be injury free while doing it. A PR at Shamrock Marathon would be nice, but I'm not too focused on that.
More details about my run today HERE.
With the new year, I'm sure some of you were enticed by all the fitness challenges all around the blogosphere. I know I am! I'm participating in 4 challenges: Janathon, Moon Joggers, and Plank A Day & Wall Sit on Instagram. I just started Wall Sit today. So far so good.
Wall Sit
First Wall Sit - I wanted to stop earlier, but I couldn't get myself out of that Wall Sit position, lol!
Side-planking in my Zensahs while my achilles recovered. 30 seconds each side. I am also loving my new running skirt!
By far, my longest plank to date on my forearms. When I collapsed in a heap at the end, I did not want to get up. Wanted to sleep right there on the floor.
And now that it's so late, I think I'm done. The End. Good night!
Janathon Day 7
Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 22
Plank A Day: 2:11.7
Wall Sit: 1:10.0

What challenges are you participating in this year?

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  1. Great job on the workouts - and the skirt is super cute!


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