Sunday, January 6, 2013

Clam-Shelling Fool

With the Play Offs on TV all day and today being my "rest day," I did my ITB Rehab Routine while watching the Redskins play a good first half. (Off-Topic Side Note: it's now the 4th quarter with 45 seconds left, and I'm no football expert, but the Redskins should've taken RGIII out of the game earlier with that knee injury. Oh and why they must replay a play that shows body parts bending in unnatural ways is beyond me. I'd hate to be RGIII's mom. Ok, end of long off-topic side note).

Clam-Shelling Fool. And yes, my Christmas tree is STILL up.

I clam-shelled during the first quarter of the game. This busy mom chose to sleep in this morning instead of doing my ITB Rehab Routine. So while my boys yelled at the TV, I clam-shelled,

Pistol Squatting Fool, I am!
.....I pistol squatted..........
Side-Step Shuffling Fool
......and I side-step shuffled my way across the family room. I am hoping to not have a repeat of what happened to me during training for Marine Corps Marathon last year - ITBS. I am very determined to be injury free for Shamrock Marathon. Now that my knees feel better from yesterday's long run, I am actually looking forward to my 7 miles tomorrow. This will also be the first time I will have 4 running days a week. Last year, I ran just 3 days/week and I'm not sure if that was enough. We'll see how the 4 days/week will go.

Day 6 of Janathon
Moon Joggers Mile Count To Date: 15
Plank A Day Challenge Day 6: 1:39.4


  1. Great routine. I'm sure 4 days will be go well if you did 3 before. You'll be surprised at what you can do once you've been running so long.

    Good Luck!


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