Monday, January 21, 2013

Why I Ran Today

After running consistently now for 2 years, you'd think it gets easier to get out the door to run. No. It's still the same. This is was me today, having a hard time to get out that door to run. It didn't help that today was a holiday - MLK, Jr., so I hit that annoying snooze button for 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes. And after 30 minutes, I just turned it off! I was so tired!

When I FINALLY got my butt out of bed, it still took an hour for me to head out the door. I felt awful for taking so long, especially since The Hubs was planning to do his run today too. After some oatmeal and a banana, I stepped out into the cold.

I had 8 miles to do and you know, having 2 big slices of pizza the night before is not bad fuel for a run. Usually, I feel so sluggish in the first 2 miles. On this run, it only took me half a mile to warm up and then my legs just wanted to GO. I always run by feel, so I let my legs pace me, and I felt so light, "fast," and so free! Is it the pizza? Or my Nike Free 3.0s?? Or is it because my BP is now normal, not too low? Or all the above?

Found that "Peace" necklace on my run today


Runs like this remind me why I love to run. It's that feeling when you can just keep going, your body feels good, and you feel so much a part of what surrounds you. This is why I ran today:

I ran to make peace with myself. I am back on BP meds (Sigh), and after refusing to let genetics decide my fate, I let it go and went back to taking meds. I took half the dosage today which I think helped me feel less woozy and weak. I will know more when I see my doc this Friday.

I ran for a 3 yo girl with pneumonia, complications from the flu. One side of her body is paralyzed and I just cannot imagine what her mother, her family is going through right now. So I ran for her.

I ran to celebrate my RUNniversary. Four years ago today, after watching President Obama first inauguration, I decided to start running outside. It was the first day I took a step out the front door to run. It was cold, snow was on the ground, and I had no clue how to dress for a run outside. I ran with my winter coat! I remember running down my street and feeling like my lungs were going to explode (I sprinted, having no clue how to warm up of course). Up until that day, I was running on the treadmill, and it's only been a week since I started. It took me 2 years after that day to run consistently.

It is incredible to look back to where you started. I still have no idea where I'm heading, but all I knew at that moment during my run, is that this run feels good. I am alive, and I am grateful for this gift of running.

Of course, the day is not complete without closing it with my challenges: #plankaday and #wallsit with The Hubs.


Janathon Day 21

Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 76

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