Monday, January 14, 2013

Where I run, the pretty parts...

Sometimes you have to run without music to actually see where you're running to and what's around you.

I did just that on my 7-Miler this morning. No music, just me, the sound of my breath and every step. I used to run without music back in 2011 because at the time, listening to music made me run TOO fast for my liking. I couldn't relax in the mile I was in. When I started training for MCM and the miles got longer, music became my companion on those lonely 3-4 hour long runs. Music did help the miles go by faster and less painful.

Running without music today, however, felt relaxing, calm. I didn't feel rushed, and with all the stress I've been feeling the past week, it was a nice change welcome change. My run was easy and slow, and I didn't care. My right leg was acting up again which bothered me, so I took it really easy, taking pics along the way, and to just get the miles in.

So I never knew how scenic it really is, even in the dead of winter, the itty bitty paved trail I run through, until I stopped to take it all in. I wish there are more miles and miles of it.

I hope the views don't ever go away. It just seems like they are building more and more houses here, obliterating views like these.

Hard to tell from the pic, but lots of geese poop on the trail today.

I do live in suburbia, where all the houses look the same, but there are places like the ones I took above that take me away from suburbia, even for just a mile.....I know..such a short stretch of WOW.

I do not like running on sidewalks, but they are a necessary evil running surface in my neighborhood especially on this road.

So there you have it, where I run, the pretty parts, anyways. On my next run, I will take pics and show how cookie-cutter my world really is.

In the meantime, my #plankaday and #wallsit challenges for the day. I honestly cannot imagine holding a plank longer than this, nor doing a plank for 3 minutes ever again. It hurt!

Janathon Day 14
Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 46

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