Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stormy Weather Outside, Inside

No matter what kind of weather Mother Nature throws at me, I still go out there and run. Rain, snow, ice (yes, ice), sleet, wind, heat, humidity, hurricane (weather during MCM)....but I do draw the line when it comes to tornadoes and lightning storms. I do not have a treadmill at home, nor am I a member of a gym. As long as I dress for the weather, I'm good.

Today, however, it was HARD to get out there for a run. Damp, cold, drizzly morning. The kind that makes you want to just stay in bed under the warm blanket. I thought about skipping today's run - it's ONLY 3 miles - junk miles I can afford not to do...right? But before I could think about it again, I was lacing up an old pair of Kinvaras and ran out the door.

The drizzly rain wasn't so bad as long as you have a brimmed hat. I decided to run to my Wednesday Workout class again, so I did a warm-up jog, added a few so I got a mile and half jog, and then went to class.

Class was a lot of fun. I don't know why I stopped going during MCM training. We did some plyometrics, a lot of lunges, squats, jumping, lots of planks, pushups, dips, hand weights, and some circuit training. I was happy at the end and really felt like I got a good sweat off of the workout. I skipped the ab workout because I hate crunches with a passion (I prefer to do planks), so I set off for home and got another 1.5 miles in (easy, cool down jog) for the 3 miles I'm suppose to do today (btw, negative split, baby!)

My morning jog-workout-jog combo left me feeling very centered, relaxed, and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Or so I thought.....

Little Man woke up twice last night. Yes, twice. One at 5am, the next at 6am. Not sure if he ever went back to sleep after I walked him back to his room. Well, he was one cranky, whiny boy today. Something I didn't have much patience for. To make the day even more challenging, my two older boys decided to push Little Man's buttons - all afternoon! So lots of crying, yelling, and fighting. I normally would have a little bit more patience, but I didn't get much sleep last night, and The Hubs was working late.

I wanted to be rescued and I so wanted to run away. Sigh. Note to self: get more sleep for more patience! I put everybody, me included, on time-out, which means everyone goes off do their own thing, no talking. We needed a break from each other! So I went to the dining room, got productive, and put away the Christmas decor from that room. I know. I'm STILL not done! But another room down, 2 more rooms to go (living room and family room).

Dining Room Ornaments

I was so relieved when The Hubs came home earlier than expected. Hurray! I'm saved! As a team, The Hubs and I fed the boys and got them all in bed by 8:30am! It was awesome! Before collapsing on my bed, I managed to get enough energy to do the #plankaday and #wallsit challenges. The Hubs did the plank with me. 

NOW I'm ready to call it a day. Good night!

Janathon Day 16
Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 49

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