Saturday, January 12, 2013

Running: My Refresh Button

It was one of those stay-at-home mom days when you feel utterly stretched out thin that you feel paralyzed. The Christmas decorations are still up, toys are scattered everywhere, dishes in the sink, clean clothes piled up as high as the dirty clothes..

So I decided to take a day off. While Little Man was in preschool, I just sat on the couch reading. I realized it was the longest time I've sat down in awhile where I'm not eating a meal. It gave me a much needed pause.

The two and a half hours went by fast, though, and next thing I knew, I was on my way to pick up Little Man. The day dragged for me and a lot of it was due to the dreary weather. It's a Friday, after all, and I was ready to call it a week! I couldn't shake off the cloud over me, especially when I had things to do (groceries, cleaning, oh what to have for dinner!), but I didn't want to do them!


As Little Man played, I got sucked back into the couch with my laptop. I stumbled into my Daily Mile 2012 year in review and was surprised at how many miles I ran last year! I nearly doubled last year's total mileage! At the same time, I couldn't believe how close I was to 1,000! So close! It gave me the determination to reach 1,000 this year.

A few clouds lifted as I got excited about 1,000 miles.

Then came this pleasant surprise in the mail! My running club's 2013 calendar!

It brought back so many wonderful memories from last year. We virtually trained together for marathons, ultramarathons, half marathons, and every distance in between. We met up for races, encouraged each other, cried, whined, sympathized, and celebrated each other. The calendar lifted more clouds. (Btw, check out the butterfly girl on the front cover! Ahem....yup, that's me!)

Once again, on my "No Running" Day, I get the doldrums and I am lifted up from it by thoughts of running. Yes, I'm THAT addicted to running, I guess. It's my drug. It makes me happy. When my life at home starts to feel overwhelming, I want to run, but not to run away from it all. I run until I hit that refresh button somewhere in my body so that I come home a refreshed mom, a stronger mom, who can't wait to tackle another week and be with her boys.

Tomorrow is my long run. And I can't wait!!!


P.S. I did squeeze in a little workout while I caught up with a friend on the phone (ITB Rehab Routine) and while my boys took showers (Myrtl Routine). Of course the night has to be capped by #plankaday and #wallsit challenges. Good night and thanks for following!


Janathon Day 11

Moon Joggers Mileage To Date: 29
Plank A Day: 2:17.2
Wall Sit: 2:25.1


  1. Running is a vital refresh button I need to push each day. It really makes us all better at what we do. :) And no, I am not running away from anything. I am running to peace, happiness, and patience. Qualities the world needs more of! Happy Running!

    1. Amen to that! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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